To help our clients meet their learning objectives and gather the information necessary to provide strategic advice, we employ a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Click the categories below to read more about our capabilities.

At the core of CSA’s capabilities is the long experience of its principal and the rich background of his associates in engaging consumers in dialogue about their attitudes, opinions, feelings, ideas, behaviors, and lifestyles. Whether the subject matter is an issue of public concern or primetime television, whether the goal is to understand how a consumer makes a choice or how best to persuade a person to adopt a course of action, CSA’s moderators and interviews are skilled at eliciting the most candid and actionable feedback from participants in focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Because clients frequently want not only to derive insight and understanding but also to measure the dimensions of an opinion trend or behavioral phenomenon, CSA has also developed proficiency at quantitative survey research. Whether on the Internet or by telephone, surveys succeed in their objectives when realistic learning goals are established in advance, when the survey is designed in a manner that reflects the insight into consumers’ thought process and speech patterns that comes from excellence in qualitative method, when the respondent sample is carefully designed and closely managed, and when the data is subjected to rigorous and creative analysis. From telephone surveys of local television news viewers about their viewing preferences to online surveys of website users about the design and utility of a particular Internet destination, to phone-to-web surveys where executive level respondents are recruited for a web survey by means of a personal phone call—CSA has developed custom research solutions that meet clients’ specialized needs.

The process of transforming data into meaning and meaning into action doesn’t take place in a vacuum. The substantive participation of clients and their stakeholders in every phase of the work—from project design to strategic plan to outcomes assessment—is key to the success of any strategic endeavor. Over the years, CSA has developed a particular expertise at facilitating the strategic process in large organizations with multiple stakeholders and complex problems. By creatively drawing on the wisdom, experience, and perspective of process participants and rigorously bringing their insights to bear in the shape of the work product, we have been successful at developing reality-based plans, with broad-based buy-in and measureable results.

CSA is strongly committed to delivering results that apply in both short-term tactical decision-making and longer-term strategic planning. For that reason, we craft our data analysis, presentation, and reporting in such a way as to make complex findings as accessible as possible to time-strapped executives and managers; and we highlight concrete, practical implications wherever possible. Rather than relying on one-size-fits-all reporting templates, we collaborate with our clients to customize the presentation of findings and make use of a full range of tools—from traditional narrative reports and presentation decks to video clip reels and pocket cards—to communicate and disseminate learning.