Our Mission

We are a marketing research and strategic consulting team who draw on our skills in traditional consumer research, organizational process design and facilitation, and the presentation and dissemination of knowledge to help our clients identify, express, and achieve their goals.

We have extensive experience with research in media and entertainment, having conducted hundreds of focus groups and in-depth interviews with media users across the country and for a variety of clients. Our clients have used this research to refine content, inform program and promotion strategies, test the health of their brands, and understand the use of new media technologies.

“Our clients have used this research
to inform program and promotion strategies and understand the
use of new media.”

In the television sector specifically, we have fielded both qualitative and quantitative studies among viewers for major broadcast networks, several prominent national cable services, public broadcast, and a number of local television stations. We have conducted pilot testing, talent screenings, program diagnostics, as well as foundational, attitudinal and behavioral research.

City Square has also worked extensively in the consumer financial services arena as well as in the public and not-for-profit sector. Our portfolio also includes experience in primary research related to telecommunications, Web usage, energy policy, consumer affairs, tourism, economic impact, organizational development, program assessment, labor market trends, and strategic planning.